Spread your digital portfolio. Add to your DP

Spread your digital portfolio.  Add to your DP

Look at what Ben Staley did with his portfolio.  TINYURL.com/BenStaleyDP shows what he did at university.   His foundation was at High Tech High School and you can see that portfolio here  TINYURL.com/ExampleDP

After making your portfolio, share it with other students and with colleges that you might want to attend.  You are more than a transcript or an average of grades....  Show what you have done.

THINK ABOUT OTHER THINGS that you can add to your DP.

-- links to articles that you have helped edit on wikipedia and wikiHow.

-- links to videos 

-- your ebook on Createspace (learn how to easily make a Createspace book by going to TinyURL.com/sundanielmunoz)

If you want to promote portfolios, talk with students at other schools.  Share what you have learned here.