Starting the work with a Icehearts mentor

You should start your work in the classroom with the Icehearts mentor by discussing the practical arrangements, the forms of support, and other guidelines of the work.

The Icehearts mentor supports children with learning difficulties or behavioral issues in the classroom, just like a special-needs assistant would. The mentor discusses the best ways to support the child with the teacher. During recess, the Icehearts mentor helps out the student with challenging social situations and even conflict resolution. During school trips, the Icehearts educator provides additional support. After the school day, the Icehearts mentor can also help with homework and studying for exams, for example.

If a student is having a challenging period in their life, the Icehearts mentor supports both the student and their family. This way, the mentor can make the child’s school life easier, simply by being there for the student. Outside school, the Icehearts mentor can provide activities and sports to balance out the schoolwork. 


The mentor works in the classroom with the permission of the teacher and the aim is to help the Icehearts kids and their teacher. The Iceheart mentor is not there to tell the teacher how to teach or critique the teacher’s work. Instead, the Icehearts mentor is there to work with the teacher to support the children in need.