Getting started with a local Icehearts team

If you are interested in Icehearts and feel like your school or area could use Icehearts mentors, suggest starting your own local Icehearts team.

Contact your local school’s principal, local decision makers and Icehearts.

Contact information at Icehearts:

Teemu Vartiamäki
+358 40 59 26 122

Ville Turkka
+358 40 55 81 095

You can find the contact information of local decision makers – in the schools and administration – on your municipality’s or city’s home page.


You can start an Icehearts team as soon as the local officials and Icehearts have signed an agreement. Contact your local representatives about starting Icehearts activities, so they know that there is a demand.

A team’s yearly budget is about €50,000 and the team operates for 12 years. Therefore the team will be founded after the local officials commit to funding it.

Choosing the sport for the team is the mentor’s decision and can be any team sports. The municipality makes the ultimate decision to found the team together with Icehearts.