Virtual reality as a part of teaching

Virtual reality can be utilized in some of the study modules. Ask the university about suitable study modules.

For example, the Kuopio Klassikka High School and the Department of Applied Physics of UEA took 360 degree images and film of physics laboratories, in collaboration for teaching purposes in fall 2016.

High school students learned the use of the cameras and went on to film and take photos of the labs. The aim was to make laboratories familiar with a 360 degree environment, which would speed up laboratory work, understanding and safety.

The University was responsible for producing and linking educational content to Moodle courses, from which high school students were able to take courses remotely. For this purpose, the resources required are 360 ​​cameras and a Viwer platfrorm.

If you are enthusiastic about combining virtual reality and educational content, proceed as follows:

1. Acquire necessary equipment and choose your platform: For example, Samsung 360 or Ricoh Theta S camera. You can initially try out platforms such as ThingLink, Viwer or Vizor.

2. Agree on a filming schedule and implementation:

For practical implementation, contact jukka.sormunen@kuopio.fi

3. Take your VR units into use: Link 360 environments to the basic courses and vice versa in Moodle.