Schools: Solution-focused working practices with your student

If you like, you can begin trying out solution-focused work methods with your students in the skills they still need practice in.

In the classroom, the approach is used for setting a goal together with the student to achieve a sufficient skill level. When the student is involved in setting their own goals, they also commit to achieving them better. The main point is that the teacher/coach/adult does not define the skill level alone, but the student is always involved in defining it according to their own resources.

The student's abilities, skills and other resources must be proportionate to the objective, which must be concrete, achievable and well-defined:

→ Instead of what you want to get rid of

→ Instead of what you want to move away from

→ Instead of what you want to end

→ Realistic goals

In the approach it is important to pay attention to the standards the student is already exceeding in and highlight them. This is how positive emotional experiences are made, leading to motivation towards achieving the next skill level.