Municipal level: Organizing training for the whole municipality

When the decision has been made to go ahead with the training, make a plan and timetable.

With this plan, it is important that the principals and teachers are trained systematically. This means that more teachers are trained every year.

You can arrange training, for example, in the following ways:

A) One school at a time:

The staff of each school in the area is trained in the solution-focused approach in two-year cycles, so that half of the school staff will be trained during the first year and the other half in the second. This is repeated school by school.

B) A few teachers from each school simultaneously:

Training is allocated for each school in the region, for example, so that three teachers per school attend in the first year. The following year the next three or more teachers attend, according to resources. This is repeated until all teachers chosen to complete the training have done so. Teachers can be selected for the training, for example, on the basis of their own motivation or the need for training in relation to the teacher's job profile, prioritizing teachers with special-needs students.

It is worth noting that during the training and after the implementation of the solution-focused approach, it is good to gather feedback from principals, teachers, students and parents. Positive feedback motivates teachers and decision-makers to continue systematic teacher training in the region. It also illustrates the impact of the approach in the school community for guardians, as well. In addition, the feedback also serves as a criterion for acquiring further resources.

Case Lappeenranta:

Each year around 50 teachers are trained in the City of Lappeenranta, using the quota-based training (option b). At the end of the training, all teachers gave feedback on the training. In addition, the head of the municipality’s Education Department met with the group on the last day of the training and discussed the usefulness of the training with the teachers.