Municipal level: Testing the solution-focused approach in practice

When a group has been introduced or trained in the approach, it is good to share your new know-how with others and take it into practice in schools.


If the training has not yet been implemented, the group can reflect on any insight and benefits gained during the introduction stage. Based on this, you can determine the interest of the rest of the staff in the training. After this, the group and the education provider must decide whether to implement the training on a municipal level.


If the group took part in the training, it is good to put learning into practice by taking what they have learned into their own schools. It is good to set a timeframe and within it, gather observations and experiences from the solution-focused approach. Trained teachers and principals can also act as consultants in their own schools, in addition to their own work. After testing and gathering feedback, the need for further training is determined.

Case Lappeenranta:

In Lappeenranta the teachers have tested the approach already during training. Because the results have been positive, the teachers have established the approach as an integral part of their work. First, one teacher at a time at and later on a wider scale, when more teachers have been trained.