Municipal level: Introduction of the solution-focused approach

Assemble a group of educational professionals from your area.

The team may consist of a few principals and a few teachers, for example. The idea is to get to know the approach resource-efficiently from both an individual teacher’s and school management’s point of view.

It is important that the members of the group are thoroughly acquainted with:

If the group is already familiar with the approach, instead of orientation, organize training directly for a small number of regional teaching staff.

The orientation or training can be held locally or outside of the municipality by a person trained in the approach. You can also organize a visit to a school or educational institution already using the the solution-focused approach.

Case Lappeenranta:

4-5 teachers were first trained at the University of Helsinki's Centre for Continuing Education HY+ as solution-focused neuropsychiatric trainers. Originally the training was intended to provide tools and know-how for working with students with special needs. Soon, teachers trained in the approach found the means to be effective with all children. The positive and immediate feedback inspired the head of the municipality’s Education Department to arrange training for as many teachers as possible.