Adding tasks to the game

When creating tasks, it is a good idea to take advantage of the game’s location. The game brings learning to the real world, so it is easier to understand what is taught when it is relatable to your own life.

The task may be, for example, to identify tree species in the game area or to calculate the surface area of a place. The students could also create and document their own artwork in the classroom or any other game area.

Use different types of tasks, such as:

Tasks can also contain a variety of background material that students need to look into before answering the questions. This way students can naturally apply their learning to the real world.

In this video you will find more information on creating tasks.


The Seppo platform content library offers inspiration and ready-made tasks for your game. Seppo users can share their game in the content library and others can download it for their own use. This way you do not have to invent everything yourself.