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Live Time Assessment and Continuous Feedback
An assessment tool that allows teachers to provide students with regular and immediate feedback rather than retrospective, manicured reports about student progress.
Assessment, Assessment for Learning, Family Engagement, Self Directed Learning
Ideas Box
Ideas Box is a portable media toolkit that contains books, games, entertainment devices, and tablets designed to spark learning and imagination. The Box runs on a low-...
Developing Economy, Dropout Prevention, Learning Environment, Refugees, Self Directed Learning, Technology
A holistic assessment method that addresses every aspect of a student's learning experience, including their abilities to live and contribute to a sustainable lifestyl...
Assessment, Assessment for Learning, Growth Mindset, Passion Based Learning, Personalized Learning, Self Assessment, Self Directed Learning, Student Voice, Sustainability
Big Picture Learning
Education is tailored to each student’s interests, talents and needs which results in a student-centered learning experience where students are actively invested in th...
Internship, Personalized Learning, Real World Learning, Self Directed Learning, Student Voice, Whole School Model
Project DEFY: Design Education for Yourself
A system of learning that believes anyone can teach themselves anything by using the internet and the community around them to find solutions.
Collaborative Learning, Community, Developing Economy, Learning By Doing, Learning Environment, Passion Based Learning, Self Directed Learning
Templestowe College
A whole school community founded on the philosophy of empowering students to manage their own learning and turn their ideas into reality. At Templestowe College "Yes" ...
Democratic Thinking, Inquiry Based Learning, Mixed Age, Montessori, Passion Based Learning, Project Based Learning, Retention, Self Directed Learning, Student Voice
Night Zookeeper
A digital learning tool that inspires children to create their own characters who live in a magical digital world. The focus of the product is to improve writing skill...
Assessment, Assessment for Learning, Creativity, Game Based Learning, Language, Lesson Plans, Literacy, Self Directed Learning