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Cell-Ed Workforce Readiness Mobile Platform
Over half of the world’s current and future workforce doesn't have the life and job skills needed to thrive. Cell-Ed bridges that gap and meets learners where they are...
Job Readiness, Job Skills, Language learning, Literacy, Mathematics applied to real life, Soft Skills, Workforce Readiness
In this innovation older and younger students gather together for study groups that are part of their school work. The older students plan the study group with the hel...
Language learning, Learning by teaching, Peer learning
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ImmerseMe (https://immerseme.co/) is about virtually stepping into a beautiful and authentic location to learn a language, so that when you travel to these wonderful p...
360 video, AI, Differentiation, EdTech, Language learning, Scaffolded, VR
Xander Educational Apps
Our founder believes mother-tongue learning is best for young children and has created a range of award-winning, educational, mobile apps to give parents peace of mind...
Education, Language learning, Mother tongue and literature
Personalized English Language Education
Two primary schools of OPO Hof van Twente are leading the way to revolutionize English language teaching in the Netherlands. With the help of a large scale assessment ...
Assessment, Coaching The key to personalized learning, Differentiation, English, English Learning, Foreign languages, Global Languages, Individual learning, Language, Language learning, Personalized Education, Personalized Learning
Fun China World
Fun China World (https://funchinaworld.com) provides learners an innovative learning experience with a game-based platform. Learners are immersed in a virtual China wh...
Educational Game, Game-based Learning, Language learning, Learning Management System, serious games, video games
Roybi Robot
While technology has been evolving to meet the needs of a changing society, our educational practices are still based on early 20th-century philosophies. ROYBI is an A...
Artificial Intelligence, Early Childhood Education, Education, Language learning, Machine Learning, Personalized Education, Personalized Learning, Robotics, STEM
In Reactored, students can complete courses that are composed by teachers or publishers. The idea is that the learning experience can always be adjusted to support the...
Differentiated learning and evaluation, Digital tools, Foreign languages, Global Languages, Language education, Language learning, Learning Tools, Personalized Learning
Adaptive reading app designed for children aged 3 to 12 to learn to read in English - it provides carefully curated collection of stories, language honing activities, ...
Early Childhood Education, Early childhood reading, Employability, English, Language learning, Life Skills, Literacy, Reading