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Learning Environment Global Citizenship Professional Development


A school thoughtfully designed to facilitate project-based learning, with a school culture centred on flat leadership, collaboration and international sharing.
Assessment for Learning, Developing Economy, Inquiry Based Learning, Leadership, Learning Environment, Motivation, Passion Based Learning, Project Based Learning, Whole School Model
Design for Change
Design for Change empowers students to be socially aware and proactive change agents in their community. Through undertaking self-directed community projects, children...
Character Education, Community, Design Thinking, Empathy, Events, Global Citizenship, Inquiry Based Learning, Lesson Plans, Project Based Learning, Real World Learning, Social Emotional Learning
Democratic Kindergartens
Democratic Kindergartens enshrine children’s rights into a kindergarten constitution where children use their voice to shape rules and make decisions, guided by unders...
Childrens Rights, Democratic Thinking, Inquiry Based Learning, Learning By Doing, Self Directed Learning, Student Voice
Self Organized Learning Environments
In Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLEs), small groups of children are given a big question as a provocation and left to use the internet to work together to an...
Blended Learning, Collaborative Learning, Evidence Based, Inquiry Based Learning, Literacy, Media Literacy, Open Educational Resource, Oracy
Liger Leadership Academy
Liger learners are taught to become 'Change Agents', to take initiative through an inquiry process by seeking real world problems and creating solutions through a comb...
Developing Economy, Empathy, Equity, Global Citizenship, Inquiry Based Learning, Leadership, Project Based Learning, Whole School Model
Picture of the Day
A simple and effective way for students to practice important reading skills, such as observing, describing and making inferences, through analysing pictures rather th...
Assessment, Assessment for Learning, Critical Thinking, Equity, Inquiry Based Learning, Lesson Plans, Literacy, Oracy
Mantle Of The Expert
Making stories to create imaginary contexts for learning.
Collaborative Learning, Creativity, Drama, Empathy, Inquiry Based Learning, Interdisciplinary, Role Play, Teacher Development