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Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Panal Foundation
Panal strives to empower students in their school and community through an extracurricular, semester program of seven sessions to develop their socioemotional abilitie...
Cooperative learning, Education, Empathy, Empowerment, Latin America, Leadership, Socio-emotional skills, Student Empowerment
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
INTO SCHOOL brings technology supported music making and arts into K-12 education inspiring children on a creative journey from an original idea to a finished work. Th...
Community, composing, Cooperative learning, Creativity, International K-12 Education, language and literature, multidisciplinary learning unit, Music, music pedagogy, music technology, Participation, Phenomenon-based learning, STEAM, technology
Ribbon FINLAND 100
Collaboration between different aged learners
This project takes advantage of a wide range of pedagogy to promote collaborative learning. Students are given opportunities to participate in planning and carrying ou...
Cooperative learning, learners of all ages, Learning units, Multidisciplinary, Phenomenon-based learning
Creative Partnerships Hungary
Creative professionals from different artforms work with teachers to help students master diverse skills and knowledge (creative competences, critical thinking, subjec...
art and creativity, Cooperative learning, Creative learning
Teachers design their lesson by selecting from a set of templates which they customize and infuse with their own learning materials. During lesson delivery, the app ma...
Bullying Prevention, Cooperative learning, development of social-emotional skills, Guided use platform oriented towards achievement, Instruction, Peer Education, Peer learning, Peer-to-Peer, Social Behaviour Change, Social Skills, Student Engagement