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Inside Out - We All Belong
Inside Out - We All Belong is a set of freely available video-based teaching resources which aim to decrease homo-, bi-, and trans-phobic bullying by using a norm-chal...
Bullying Prevention, EMPATHY, gender identity, positive relationships
1 055 views
Roots of Empathy
Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom program for primary school children that decreases aggression, including bullying, and increases prosocial behaviours s...
Bullying Prevention, Character Education, Collaborative Learning, Diversity, Empathy, Evidence Based, Global Citizenship, Mental Health, Play, Social Emotional Learning
6 616 views
The Child-Oriented Model for Wellbeing
The child-oriented model for wellbeing improves students’ behavior and communication education with support in three stages. Students are given support that focuses on...
Bullying Prevention, child-orientation, Communication skills, developing pedagogy, Emotional skills, general support, Home and school partnership, inclusive instruction, intensified support, solution-oriented school practices, special support, three-stage support, Wellbeing
1 820 views
Global Minds Initiative
In schools across the United States and Canada, students from over 50 countries meet after school to combat intolerance and foster intercultural friendships. Designed,...
Bullying Prevention, Collaborative Learning, Cultural Exchange, Culturally Sensitive, Empathy-driven learning, Inclusion and Diversity, Language Awareness, Leadership Development, Social Emotional Learning, Youth Empowerment, Youth Voice
Empathy starter
3 unique aspects of the project. 1) A bystander perspective is emphasized; we believe the more empathy is evoked the more likely you take action to help others when se...
Bullying Prevention, Elementary school, Social Emotional Learning, Virtual Reality
Bullying and online behaviour changes through serious games
The project partners, coordinated by ITCL Institute of Technology (Spain), found proof that the use of serious games in education can be beneficial in supporting behav...
AntiBulling, Anti-bullying, Bullying Prevention, children and young people, Cyberbullying, Cyber-Bullying, Educational games, Edugames, eSafety, Primary School, Secondary School, serious games, Social Behaviour Change
Teachers design their lesson by selecting from a set of templates which they customize and infuse with their own learning materials. During lesson delivery, the app ma...
Bullying Prevention, Cooperative learning, development of social-emotional skills, Guided use platform oriented towards achievement, Instruction, Peer Education, Peer learning, Peer-to-Peer, Social Behaviour Change, Social Skills, Student Engagement