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HundrED Q & A

Why was HundrED founded?
We believe if you want to make a change in the world, start with schools. We founded HundrED to improve education to help enable this change.

Why do schools need to change?
We believe that the school’s mission is to help young people flourish in life in spite of the changes happening around them. As the world changes, schools need to change to meet demands.

Do you focus on all education?
No, our focus is on K-12 education. That means pre-school, comprehensive school and high school.

What does HundrED do more specifically?
We seek exciting innovations in education from all over the globe. We then share them with the world for free.

Is there an emphasis on digital innovations?
No there is not. We are searching for innovations from each of our five categories that answer questions such as: what are the skills we need to teach in the future? What is the role of the teacher? How should learning be assessed? What is an effective learning environment? And how should change be lead? Only a narrow portion of our innovations address digitalization.

Who selects the innovations?
An advisory board selects the innovations in each country.

Who owns the rights to the innovations?
All rights remain with the developer of the innovation unless we agree on a different approach.

Why would anyone want to share their ideas?
Many teachers are excited to watch their ideas spread and we are eager to assist them in spreading those ideas. Participating in HundrED is voluntary and at no cost.

Can a price be put on an innovation?
The majority of the innovations will be shared for free, but if the owner of the innovation wishes to capitalize on their idea using the platform we are launching in the fall of 2017, then they may be able to do so.

Are you developing new innovations yourselves?
We are mainly focusing on seeking and sharing ready-to-go innovations, however we are participating in the development of a few innovations.

How will the innovations be evaluated?
We have an evaluation tool to assess the innovations developed together with the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. The tool consists of three stages: self assessment, peer assessment and an evaluation conducted by an external source.

Where do you see yourself in the year 2020?
We aim to be the world’s leading expert in education innovation and hope that tens of thousands of teachers and students gain from the innovations we share.

Can anyone organize HundrED in their own country?
Absolutely. Anyone can apply for a license. HundrED can be organized by a country, state or city. For more information, click here.

Is HundrED for profit?
Every single HundrED project everywhere in the world is not-for-profit.

Does HundrED have a business model?
Our aim is to assist in spreading great ideas and innovations in education. As mentioned prior, HundrED projects are not-for-profit regardless of the country in question. However, if someone needs additional services for implementing educational innovations, we will be providing them as well. Using these services is completely voluntary.

How are the educational innovations spread?
We are launching a digital platform in the fall of 2017 that will contain all the Finnish and global innovations in an easy-to-find, comprehensible, packaged form. Our goal is to create the world’s best database for innovations in education.

Who owns HundrED?
HundrED has been founded in Finland as a small private company. Saku Tuominen’s and Juha Tynkkynen’s Idealist Group is the key shareholder of HundrED. Additional shareholders are Pekka Viljakainen, Ilkka Paananen, Mikko Kodisoja, Petteri Koponen and Timo Ahopelto. All of the associates share a passion for developing education – the company is driven by authentic change, not profit, so HundrED is not your average startup.

How is HundrED funded?
The majority of HundrED’s operations are not-for-profit. Funding is provided by donations and personal investments. For further information on our partnerships, click here.

Where may I be able to find additional information on HundrED?
Feel free to contact us with questions regarding HundrED. To contact us, click here .

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