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World Peace - Basics in Mediation

In this HundrED experiment, Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) will create an informative package for teachers on teaching mediation skills in schools. The package will include a number of exercises, mediation simulations and source material on conflict resolution. HundrED will follow the progression and implementation in schools around Finland and partake in Ahtisaari Day, an annual event dedicated to spreading the knowledge of mediation.

What is the goal of the experiment?

The experiment attempts to generate positive, neutral conversation that’s based on facts. Reasons and consequences of conflicts are discussed in a fair manner by understanding the phenomena in question rather than merely searching for those responsible for the conflicts. During the Ahtisaari Days the intention is to increase students’ knowledge on mediation, conflict resolution and the meaning of reconciliation and to broaden their understanding of what makes a conflict and how they can be resolved.

How will the experiment be scheduled and how will it be put into practice?

HundrED will be following how the material package will be implemented in schools in the school year and at the Ahtisaari Days that will be arranged in November.

Contact Information

Organization: Crisis Management Initiative (CMI)

School(s): Will be announced in November 2016.

Contact person: Riikka Marjamäki

Tampere Finland
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