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ViLLE - Game-based learning

ViLLE is a digital tool that helps make teaching more efficient. With ViLLE you can easily apply motivating, game-based learning tasks as a part of your mathematics, language arts and programming classes. The goal of the project is to train new teachers so that they become experts of the ViLLE learning path and to spread the ViLLE material into as many Finnish schools as possible.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve in this experiment?

The goal is to train new teachers on how to use the ViLLE learning paths created for mathematics, programming and language arts classes. Along with the digital materials the teachers will also receive pedagogical training that supports the efficient use of the ViLLE materials. The ViLLE learning paths are already used by 1000 teachers and 20,000 students all over Finland.

Explain the concrete steps of your experiment.

During the project we will organize training sessions and peer support opportunities for the new teachers. Within the training module teachers are provided with a 3-hour in-practice training session and then local support for the duration of three lessons. The local support enables easy commissioning of the learning path and it also makes things easier for the students to understand how ViLLE works.

You can find more information on ViLLE in the following videos:

- ViLLE – Mathematics & programming learning path

- Programming courses for middle and high school

- Short ViLLE introduction

- Introducing the ViLLE research team

How will the experiment proceed in the spring of 2017?

We will begin with ViLLE trainings and then continue on to introduce the ViLLE study programs to the new partnership schools.

How will this experiment change the way we educate?

According to research (http://villeteam.fi/fi/publications) the commissioning of the ViLLE digital learning path increases student motivation and it seems to have a positive influence on academic achievement. The ViLLE tool also gives the teacher the learning analytics to recognize children with learning disabilities, as well as better tools to track learning progress. The learning analytics also enable the learning process to become an open and transparent process both to the student and their guardians.

Potential partnerships / schools:

ViLLE is currently used in several schools in southwest Finland and in the city of Joensuu.

Contact Information

Organization: Oppimisanalytiikan keskus, Turun yliopisto

Contact person: Mikko-Jussi Laakso

Contact email: milaak@utu.fi

Turku Finland