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Turning Passions Into Careers

The Incubator is a high school course organised by Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary School. The course is designed to find and develop each student’s entrepreneurial strengths and passions. The course offers students the opportunity to learn in practice by creating projects independently that are based on their own ideas and passions (an example of this could be to build and launch a weather balloon). The Incubator is in partnership with Slush, Aaltoes and Startup Sauna, to name a few.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with the experiment?

The goal of the experiment is to bring together students who might be interested in building a business or with similar project ideas. We want to find these students the appropriate associates so that the brilliant ideas take off. Within the next year we will attempt to have a minimum of three schools to trial the Incubator - course. There are plans to promote and spread the course internationally using the IB network and to construct a framework that suits the IB schools’ CAS program. In Finnish schools the Incubator will be incorporated into the Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary entrepreneurship studies.

Is this a new experiment or is this based on an existing one?

The idea of this experiment, to be conducted within a school, is a new one and hasn’t been tried before. A well completed and documented Incubator course will be accepted as a high school credit by the Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary. Incubator has been confirmed as part of the high school curriculum in Finland and Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary has appointed a teacher to oversee the course.

How will the experiment be scheduled and how will it be put into practice?

The experiment was been trialed at the Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary. It has been received well by the city of Espoo education providers. In May 2016 the experiment will be introduced to all principals in the Espoo area and we have hopes for them to encourage their students to take part in the experiment. In the Fall of 2016 the plan is to begin collaborating with our network schools in order to spread the Incubator practice further through, for example, its own website.

Contact Information

Organization: Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary

School(s): Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary

Contact person: Harri Rinta-aho

Contact email: harri.rinta-aho@espoo.fi

Partnership(s): SLUSH,  TEDx Otaniemi,  Unleash, Startup Sauna and Aaltoes.

Espoo Finland