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The School That Moves – Exercise and Learning

Exercise is significant for development. Liikkuva koulu - the School That Moves - is a program which aims to develop, trial and share simple but effective ways to add a variety of exercise to daily school life. HundrED will follow four active schools over the course of a year and will format and package all findings to share with the world.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with the experiment?

The School That Moves has a goal to add more exercise and wellbeing to each school day. The experiment will take this goal to the next level by encouraging less sitting during class, supporting learning through active methods and exercising during class. The experiment intends to make exercise a natural part of every child’s daily life.

What will the partnering schools be doing in practice?

HundrED will follow the Deutsche Schule German School’s efforts of making every school day more active. At Pohjankylä Comprehensive School the aim is to pay special attention to children who live a sedentary lifestyle. The goal is to make exercise and movement an essential part of each school day. Through exercise and movement, students will engage with nature around their school and will also take part in planning exercises for recess and making the classroom a more active place to study.

Tell us about the background of the School That Moves.

The School That Moves began as a pilot from 2010 - 2012 and is now featured as part of the Finnish Government’s priority projects in the field of learning. The objective of the project is one hour of exercise a day. The School That Moves will be expanded into a nationwide project that will apply to every student enrolled in K–9 studies. At the beginning of 2016, over 1,500 schools were active users of the program.

Contact Information

Organization: Liikkuva koulu - The School That Moves

School(s): Deutsche Schule Helsinki, Pohjankylä Comprehensive School, Ristiina Comprehensive School, Ristiina Upper Secondary and Lappee Comprehensive School.

Contact person: Antti Blom

Contact email: antti.blom@oph.fi

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