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The Sapling Academy and Sustainable Development

The Plant Academy plans to make use of their local greenhouse and surrounding environment in their day to day learning. In this experiment, students will be planting and taking care of plants as well as recycling and composting. In addition, students will practice entrepreneurship by marketing and selling the produce they have grown themselves. The goal is to create a replicable operating model that integrates environmental studies and entrepreneurship into daily school life.

What is the idea of the experiment?

Key elements are the promotion of sustainable development in schools and student participation with the greenhouse and garden. The idea is to care for the school's animals, the greenhouse plants and garden, and to make use of the learning environment while incorporating important lessons in entrepreneurship. The students devise plans of action in marketing and selling their work - for example the produce they grow, honey, flower arrangements etc.

The experiment will be in keeping with the new national curriculum's holistic, multidisciplinary approach to subjects such as Finnish, English, home economics, geography, biology, physics and chemistry.

The school, which is in it's third year, is situated in the former Matron and Home Economics Academy near the city of Jyväskylä, Finland. We have strived to continue the wonderful traditions of the former facility and create our own operational culture in the last three years. We have received some funding from the Okko Foundation, the Ilari Räsänen Foundation and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY). We have also been named Finland's Central Region's development centres for environmental education.

How will the experiment be scheduled and how will it be put into practice?

The experiment will be carried out over the 2016-2017 school year and will be in effect from then onwards.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with the experiment?

During the course of the 2016-2017 school year, the goal will be to combine three development areas that are based on four different aspects of the experiment: 1) holistic approach to the Plant Academy's plans of action and goals, 2) a graphic designed schedule of the practical work in the garden 3) a view of the student participation or learning paths 4) a chronological description of traditions and continuity throughout the years.

Describe why you feel it is meaningful to be a part of HundrED

By being a part of HundrED we will be able to clarify the practical goals and present them to anyone interested. We will be able to inspire students to create personals relationships with nature and take part in environmental education and entrepreneurship. We would be keen on finding partnerships that could create opportunities to better the experiment with technological solutions, for example installing automated ventilation in the greenhouse.

Contact Information

School(s): Mankola Comprehensive School

Contact person: Sanna Penttinen and Pekka Männistö

Contact email: sanna.penttinen@jkl.fi pekka.mannisto@jkl.fi

Partnership(s): Viherlandia, Kekkilä, JAMK, JAO, The Slow food Project, Fiskars and Aalto University.

Website: mankolankasvihuone.blogspot.fi

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