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The Internet of Things

Students from Kannus Middle School will be partaking in cross-curricular studies such as art and science by designing, building and programming devices. The students will then use these devices to examine and collect data from changes happening in their daily environment and implement their findings into art work. This experiment combines subjects such as crafts, mathematics, biology, geography, chemistry and art.

What is the idea of the experiment?

The goal is to test and then implement models that encourage students to embrace in curriculum-integrated and functional programming. In this experiment we seek to strenghthen students' own thinking, their learning abilities and their IT skills.

Is this a new experiment or is this based on an existing one?

This is a completely new experiment without any influence from existing ones.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with the experiment?

We will begin our experiment during Fall 2016 by acquiring small electronic components that will be used in building the devices. The devices will be designed and manufactured during crafts lessons and they will programmed during math lessons to serve their purpose. Once manufactured the sensors of the devices can be exploited during science lessons in subjects such as biology, geography, physics and chemistry. We will use the devices to measure alterings in light, noise, movement, humidity and air. The devices can also be used during art lessons. Teachers representing different subjects will work closely together during the experiment.

How will the experiment be scheduled and how will it be put into practice?

The experiment will  be carried out in the 2016-2017 school year. The planning will begin in the Spring of 2016 and the experiment will begin in the Fall 2016 once schools start.

Contact Information

School(s): Juha Vuorinen School

Contact person: Antti Tuominen

Contact email: antti.tuominen@edu.kannus.fi

Partnership(s): The LUMA Center in Central-Ostrobothnia,  Jokiranta School in Ylivieska and Elementary schools in Kannus.

Website: peda.net

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