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The Guiding Power of School – Sustainable development

Muurame High School will go through a development process which will be approached from 4 different sustainable development aspects. During the course of the school year 2016-2017 an operational model consisting of ecological, social, cultural and economical development aspects will be implemented in the school’s daily life. In this HundrED project students, teachers and partnership organizations will form teams that will plan and put to practice the new operational model of the school.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with this experiment?

  1. The constant development process of the school which all parties and organizations will participate in.

  2. The administration and implementation of the sustainable development certificate for schools. Also the distribution of knowledge on the operational model for other schools nearby.

  3. Sustainable development becoming the main focus of school development – increasing the amount of sustainable development certified schools in Finland.

Explain the concrete stages of your experiment.

In the beginning of 2017 the sustainable development and entrepreneurship teams of the school will set up goals for the whole year and plan the execution of the goals. All of the teachers and the principal of the school belong in either one of the two teams mentioned. One of the school’s goals for 2017 will be multiculturality and this theme along with its future actions will be audited in March 2017.

During the course of the school year the teams will plan and carry out operations that have been decided upon in January 2017. These operations consist of organizing theme days and theme weeks, international operations, company visits, tutoring and friendship school operations.

During the project we will also document the school’s preparations for the audition day. After the audition the school will celebrate the continuance of the certificate and new goals for the future will be set according to the feedback received from the audition.

How will the experiment proceed in the spring of 2017?

  • There will be different kinds of events and escapades planned for the school year of 2016-2017 carried out according to the plan made in Fall 2016.

  • Preparations for the audition will happen in Jan-Feb 2017.

  • The audition will be held in March 2017 when the success of the project will be evaluated.

  • Celebrating the certificate and announcements of it will happen in Mar-Apr 2017.

  • Choosing a new focus of development for the future three years will occur in May 2017.

  • Planning the first semester of the future three years will also happen in May 2017.

How will the experiment change the way we educate?

The project impacts the school culture in such a way that the operations of the school are more goal-oriented, more holistic and constantly being developed. The main focus of sustainable development is the wellbeing of the people and the environment which is the most important aim of the project. The project includes elements that promote ecological, social and cultural wellbeing.

Potential partnerships / schools:

OKKA Foundation, guardians, the county’s KYKY team that focuses on the development of environmental education, entrepreneurs, other schools in the municipality, household department of the municipality, catering department of the municipality, environment department of the municipality.

Contact Information

School(s): Muuramen lukio

Contact person: Merjo Hakkarainen

Contact email: merjo.hakkarainen@edu.muurame.fi

Muurame Finland