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The Faculty Room of Tomorrow

The aim of this project is to examine what the teachers’ room of the future should be like and to gather information on how the different sensory stimuli in the work spaces, in this case the teachers’ room, affect the day to day work of teachers.

What is the idea of the experiment?

The aim is to be the first in the world to pilot a Stress free – sensory friendly teachers’ room and to produce information on how the different sensory stimuli in teachers’ work spaces, in this case the teacher’s room, affect the teachers’ day to day work.

We will be surveying how sensory friendly designs and other factors support managing, enjoying and recovering from work, for example through pedagogical sharing in the physical and digital environment.

We have achieved good results during the twelve years of designing different facilities, innovation spaces and learning environments. We would now like to offer these results to be used in support of teachers’ work and well-being. Sensory stimuli, the state of alertness and stress are the same for all people and thus contain general factors alongside individual factors.

How is the project carried out?

The project utilizes 14 years of product development and research related to the Stress free area®’s sensory friendly design in the designing of the teachers’ room as well as in collaborating with teachers and the University of Jyväskylä among others.

How does the project change/remodel school and education?

When it comes to developing learning environments, the development of the teachers’ room has received less attention. We are bringing sense- and brain research data to support the teachers’ well-being, enjoyment and regeneration at work. We are also seeking new pedagogical sharing methods. When the senses are not overloaded, the space for sharing increases. We are also gathering ideas for developing a new platform for digital, sensory friendly sharing.

How will the project proceed in 2017?

The demo space of the Stress free -teachers’ room development project was launched last spring, when the Finnish Work Environment Fund provided a development grant. The demo space was developed and its use was researched during the autumn of 2016. In spring 2017 we will proceed to the implementation and conceptualization phase.

Schools involved

Vääksy School, Asikkala, Finland.


University of Jyväskylä Department of Education (OKL).

Contact Information

Organization: Conbalance Oy

School(s): Vääksy School

Contact person: Margit Sjöroos

Contact email: sjoroos@conbalance.com

Website: www.conbalance.com