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The Creative Fire Model

The Creative Fire Model is a leadership development training program created at Siltamäki Elementary School in Helsinki, Finland. The program aims to improve community, creativity and problem solving by inspiring and strengthening social skills in schools. The teacher training emphasises core values, leadership skills, learning as a community, implementing the curriculum creatively, improving assessment and digitalization. A digital platform and virtual base for the training program will be created in partnership with Finpeda.

What do you look to achieve with The Creative Fire Model?

The Creative Fire Model aims to lead change in leadership as well as in the operational culture of schools. The experiment will emphasize key areas in educational know-how and create new networks and learning communities.

Is this a new experiment or is this based on an existing one?

The Creative Fire Model is new and is being used at the Siltamäki Elementary School.

How will the experiment be scheduled?

The experiment will be followed through the 2016-2017 school year.

Contact Information

Organization: Siltamäki Elementary School

Contact person: Anna-Mari Jaatinen

Contact email: anna-mari.jaatinen@hel.fi

Helsinki Finland
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