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The City Theatre as a Learning Environment

In this experiment local schools will be collaborating with the Lahti City Theatre of performing arts. All third grade students will attend a theatre field trip in which students will partake in a workshop developed by using drama pedagogy. The drama pedagogy will also be used to create educational material for teachers to use in school.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with this experiment?

The goal is to offer support in implementing drama methods into teaching and to offer students opportunities to experience theatre in broad and in-depth ways.

What are the concrete steps of the experiment?

The drama workshops are planned in accordance to the needs of the teacher and the students. The primary focus can be on developing the group dynamic and interaction or focusing on a theme from a certain school subject. The teacher has an active role in the workshop. At the end, the teacher will reflect and plan the next steps with us on how to continue the work.

The coming year will also entail a tour of schools in which the interaction will focus on the school system considered from a theatre point of view.

In addition, we will be working closely with the Lahti City Theatre. According to the city’s culture program all third grade students attend a visit to the theatre.

How will the experiment proceed in the spring of 2017?

The drama workshops will continue in schools and teachers will be trained in interaction as well. Third graders will begin their Big Bad Wolf drama workshops.

How will this experiment change the way we educate?

The methods used in drama will enhance the development of creative thinking and add new perspectives or new meaning when interacting with others. Drama is a means to build understanding of oneself and the world around us. The drama methods make learning personal and experiential. By playing a role, students may be able to experience different points of view in a safe way. Experiential learning is far more effective than merely feeding knowledge to a learner. Due to the nature of the methods it is crucial for the teacher to receive support and training in how to teach through drama. We will be offering these services.

The services will be provided throughout the city equally, free of charge.

Potential partnerships / schools:

City of Lahti schools, Lahti theatre of performing arts.

Contact Information

Organization: Lahden kaupunki

Contact person: Anna-Riitta Partanen

Contact email: anna-riitta.partanen@edu.lahti.fi

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