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TET 2.0 Work Experience

TET 2.0 Work Experience is a collaborative experiment with Aalto University Multidisciplinary Mind Research Group. The experiment takes in-school work experience programs to the 21st century by familiarizing students with business practices and the workforce through exercises using real world problem solving. Students take initiative to seek out issues that businesses face and work to solve them using a variety of innovative methods. In HundrED, the TET 2.0 Work Experience will assist in the process of finding suitable businesses, forming innovation teams as well as supporting problem solving through mentoring.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with the experiment?

The goal of this experiment is to encourage young people to trust in themselves and to develop themselves according to their own goals and interests. Learning at actual work sites and doing self-regulative work helps students take control of their work, learning and the direction of their life. Once the trialing has been done, the goal is to implement the model into all upper secondary schools in Finland.

How will the experiment be scheduled and how will it be put into practice?

During the course of Fall 2016 we will be searching for companies as partners to work together with during the Spring 2017 TET 2.0 period. Before the TET 2.0 period we will train upper secondary students to be innovation agents according to the Aalto University concept. Students will then form teams with 2–4 members and visit companies to familiarize with, ask questions and to eventually solve a problem they have identified within the business. The companies in partnership with the TET 2.0 period will attend the innovation agent training and they are to engage in their students’ learning process so that the collaboration between students and companies will be bold and fresh-minded.

Is this a new experiment or is this based on an existing one?

TET 2.0 Work Experience has been trialed once before in the Spring of 2015. Six upper secondary school students took part in the experiment. In November 2015 we had thirty students participate in the experiment and the aim is to double the amount by 2016.

Describe why you feel it is meaningful to be a part of HundrED.

The upper secondary students are thrilled to be developing a model for TET 2.0 Work Experience in collaboration with researchers. This will be the core of the experiment. Problem solving and facing challenges with an innovation team of your own is a inspirational experience.

Contact Information

School(s): Töölö Secondary School

Contact person: Riina Ståhlberg

Contact email: riina.stahlberg@tyk.fi

Partnership(s): MIND/Mindustry Ltd.

Helsinki Finland
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