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Teaching Language Awareness

The main idea of the experiment is to improve the language awareness skills of teachers and the role of language in teaching different subjects. Teachers in Finland teach the Finnish language regardless of their lesson - the language is present in all subjects. Add language awareness skills to the mix and you have a recipe for success.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with this experiment?

The goal of the experiment is to increase language awareness amongst teachers. Teaching with increased language awareness enables students to fully comprehend the linguistics and terminology in each subject. The teacher’s role is to identify the linguistic attributes of the subjects being taught and to teach students the literal skills required in the sciences.


Explain the concrete steps of the experiment.

Reading and writing must be consciously taught in all school subjects - otherwise literacy skills will not develop accordingly. During this experiment we will be creating and sharing material and tools that enable teachers to become skilled in language awareness.


How will the experiment proceed in the spring of 2017?

Language awareness has been a key development area in the city of Espoo, Finland for years. In the spring of 2017 we will be collecting ready models and materials, after which we will be listening to the teachers for their opinions in what is missing from the package and developing the practice further.

Important development areas are:

- The structure of the lessons to be clear for the students.

- Comprehension of text and text type.

- Multiliteracy to become a central part in daily school activities.

How will the experiment change the way we educate?

The previously silent know-how associated with learning will become evident. The language of the sciences and subjects being taught is best learned during lessons. A teacher with language awareness capabilities understands the linguistics involved in the topic being taught and can teach the literacy skills required in understanding the phenomenon.

Contact Information

School(s): Tiistilän koulu

Contact person: Aija Andersson, Elisa Repo, Hanna Räisänen

Contact email: aija.andersson@espoo.fi, elisa.repo@espoo.fi, hanna.k.raisanen@espoo.fi

Espoo Finland
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