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Pedagogy and 3D printing

This experiment teaches students the basics of 3D printing through augmented and virtual reality. The key idea of the experiment isn’t 3D printing on its own, but to instead develop practical pedagogical cross-curricular learning entities to use in all schools.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with the experiment?

We aim to integrate future skills such as 3D modelling and printing, augmented reality and virtual reality into schools. 3D printing is revolutionary in learning: it teaches students to create by hand while using all five senses. 3D printing is a fun and useful skill and globally relevant to those interested in phenomenon-based learning.


Explain the concrete steps of your experiment.

We will be developing, trialling and sharing pedagogical learning methods in the basics of 3D printing in a cross-curricular approach. The methods will be trialled in Finland and abroad.


How will the experiment be scheduled in the spring of 2017?

In the spring of 2017 we will be working together with the schools involved in creating learning entities for 3D skills that will be trialled with teachers and students. HundrED will support the sharing of these experiences and ideas.

How will this experiment change the way we educate?

In the future the labor market will have a major shortage of skilled employees in the field of 3D. Although there is much talk of teaching 3D skills in schools, it has yet to be implemented into curriculums on a global scale as 3D programs have been viewed as being too difficult to use in teaching. Technology can bring learning to the twenty-first century and we will be preparing our children for the future.

Potential partnerships /  schools:

We will be partnering with schools in Finland and abroad. The current pioneering schools are listed as follows:

Espoo Christian School

Hagelstamska Primary School

Kasavuori Primary School

Kottby Primary School

Matinlahti Primary School

Mäntymäki Primary School

Saunalahti Comprehensive School

Vartiokylä Primary School

Stadi Vocational School

Contact Information

Organization: 3DBear

Contact person: Jussi Kajala

Contact email: jussi@3dbear.fi

Helsinki Finland
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