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Me.School - A school without social exclusion

There is a growing threat that students will be alienated and unable to fit into society once they graduate from high school, as they won’t have the skills they need to be able to build a positive future for themselves. At Me.School the main mission is to make sure each student gets an adequate amount of tailored support and to build a school community that wants to break the vicious circle of social exclusion early on.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with the experiment?

At Me.School we want to ensure that each child, adolescent and their families have the access to holistic, multi-professional support and to a supportive community.

The goal is to:

  • Strengthen the bond between schools and youth work.

  • Support teachers in building a supportive classroom culture and strengthening their skills in how to act during times of crisis or conflict.

  • Combine child and youth services with the school environment to address student needs more effectively.

  • Involve parents more closely with their child’s education and support them in their parenting.

  • Develop a culture of inspiring and inviting extra curricular activities.

  • Develop a model that helps schools quickly react with students on the verge of social exclusion.

  • Track that each school participating in the project makes progress in creating a school culture that empowers students.

Explain the concrete steps of your experiment.

The concept of Me.School will begin in three municipalities during Spring 2017. School communities will take part in a strategy for change on four levels:

  1. From social encounters to structural change in the school community. Helping schools implement the social exclusion model in the school’s operative culture.

  2. Educating the staff in how to create a supportive atmosphere so crises are dealt with strong expertise and knowledge.

  3. The experiences of the students with special needs, their parents and the faculty involved will be developed into a collaborative operational model. The budget for support, assessment of the student and facilitating for the learning will be the key elements of the model.

  4. Evaluating the cost efficiency of the change in the school’s operative culture.

How will this experiment change schools?

Every student has the right to be a part of a school environment which they feel comfortable in and enjoy attending, and where they can learn and develop at their own pace without the fear of social exclusion.

The goal is that the schools attending Me.School will be more cost efficient by using the new collaborative model.


Potential partnerships / schools:

Schools in Lohja municipality.

Contact Information

Organization: Me-säätiö

Contact person: Liisa Björklund

Contact email: liisa.bjorklund@mesaatio.fi