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iZone, founded by the New York City Department of Education in 2010, works with schools, the EdTech market and the government to create a thriving community that can provide effective personalized learning environments.


What is the need?

Much of our education system is outdated and has changed little since the introduction of public education in the industrial age. Most systems of mass education are still organised to satisfy the needs of this outdated era.

For our students to thrive they must be engaged in learning that is relevant to their lives, and allows them to master the skills of tomorrow.

Often, many areas that can support and innovate education have worked in isolation. 


How does this innovation address it?

Founded in 2010 by the NYC Department of Education, iZone work in three areas within New York City. For schools they design and test new learning models and provide knowledge and tools to bring these to life. To improve EdTech they connect startups and developers with educators to supply better tools for teachers and students, and to enable effective and swift innovation they work closely with the NYC Department of Education to implement promising new educational models.

One of the great projects iZone has launched is the Blended Learning Institute (BLI) which prepares math, science and computer science teachers to lead 21st century classrooms. By learning to effectively integrate traditional instruction with digital tools and online content, BLI teachers become equipped to create learning opportunities that are highly personalized and engaging, and which allow students to move at their optimum pace.

Good to know:

  • The iZone 360 project has provided personalised learning models to more than 20,000 middle and high school students. From 2011 to 2013, students made significant gains in their ability to study and communicate.
  • The iZone introduced a successful personalised learning programme for maths that uses daily assessments of students skills alongside algorithm-assisted assignments to increase student achievement. 

Contact Information

Organization: iZone NYC

Blog: izonenyc.org

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