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I can! - Evaluation Train assessment model

The experiment will be developing an online tool called The Evaluation Train that intends to make the learning process transparent for the learner, the teacher and the parents. During the trialing of this experiment we will be following the development of the tool, its implementation and how it’s being used.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve in this experiment?

The goal of the experiment is to create an online tool, called The Evaluation Train, for preschools and primary education up until grade three. The graphic look of The Evaluation Train will be considered in terms of age and development stage so that it becomes motivational, enticing and relevant for the learner.

The goal is to make learning transparent, concrete and easy to follow, regardless of the learner’s level of skills or knowledge. The tool will teach skills such as how to learn, planning individual learning paths, setting personalized learning goals and self-assessment during the processes with the support of the teacher.

The transitional phases from preschool to grade one and from grade two to grade three are taken into account by attempting to simplify the transitions for the students.


Explain the concrete steps of your experiment.

Those involved in planning The Evaluation Train are working with NordicEdu to design the content for the tool – text, sounds, pictures and video that will help the learners, teachers and parents distinguish and understand the knowledge and skills that are being exercised or what needs to be practiced more.

The developed material will be made easy to use and may later be implemented into all early years education in Finland.


How will the experiment proceed in the spring of 2017?

In the spring of 2017 we will be establishing mutual plans to develop the online material in partnership with NordicEdu. We will also be selecting the roles and jobs for everyone involved.

The Evaluation Train will be formatted into an online version and its usability will be trialled amongst students, teachers and parents. We will make necessary changes during the piloting stages.

In February and March our goal is to work on the Evaluation Train for mathematics, and in April and May on the Finnish language Train.


How will this experiment change the way we educate?

The learning process will become more transparent and concrete. The students will take ownership of their learning and set goals for themselves as well as follow their own learning process. There will be an increase in the interaction between the students, teachers and parents, because the parents in addition to the teachers will be able to actively follow the learning process and give real-time feedback. This tool will make the transitional phases of education easier on the students and will direct their assessment. The parents will gain understanding of the curriculum, its goals and content more than ever before. A lot of schools have given up mid-term numeral grading after the implementation of the new Finnish national core curriculum began in the fall of 2016.


Potential partnerships / schools:

Hyvinkää Anttilantalo Preschool

Hyvinkää Martti’s Preschool and Primary esi- ja alkuopetus

Hyvinkää Puolimatka Primary School

NordicEdu - educational gaming company

Contact Information

School(s): Puolimatka Comprehensive School

Contact person: Jaana Perkinen

Contact email: jaana.perkinen@gmail.com


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