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From literacy to the joy of reading

In this experiment we are developing a literacy-based inclusive model for grades one through six to be used in Finnish language lessons. There are no set age groups and first graders will be able to learn to read without the traditional ABC-book. Our model is a new approach to engaging children in reading with an aim to create inspired, skilled, critical readers.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with this experiment?

The experiment contains four important goals:

  1. For each child to become an inspired, skilled, critical reader.

  2. Implementing the model into subjects such as mathematics.

  3. Systematically acquiring learning to learn skills.

  4. Gathering data on the efficiency of the model.

Explain the concrete steps of your experiment.

The experiment will be developing and trialling an inclusive model for reading that will be trialled in K-6 Finnish language lessons. We will have mixed age groups, first grade students can study with sixth grade students and vice versa. Encouraging student participation and setting personal goals in literacy is a key element, and students may be able to choose what to read themselves.

How will the experiment be scheduled for the spring 2017?

The model will be developed to suit the needs of each grade.

  1. The original book will be translated and published in Finnish.

  2. We will be looking for a partner for developing material for the model (videos, pictures, text).

  3. A continuous assessment model will be developed with Visma InCommunity Ltd. for the Wilma platform.

  4. Goals and strategies for mathematics will be composed the same as previously done for the Finnish language studies.

  5. Learning to learn cards will be created to teach learning skills.

  6. The model will be documented and published online or in the form of a handbook.

  7. A training session will be organized for teachers.

How will this experiment change the way we educate?

The experiment is renewing education according to the new national core curriculum. Our inclusive model will actualize the goals set by students and teachers, increase student involvement in subjects and assessment will become a continuous process.

Potential partnerships / schools:

  • The city of Lohja public services for youth and family

  • The city of Lohja public library

  • Visma InCommunity Ltd.

Contact Information

School(s): Muijalan koulu

Contact person: Taina Hämäläinen

Contact email: taina.hamalainen@edu.lohja.fi

Lohja Finland
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