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Encounters - The Tour

The Tour will bring together asylum seekers and students. In school students get to know the stories of the asylum seekers through which students learn the meaning of volunteering and how to make a difference. The lessons will also discuss attitudes in society, racism and how we can affect and change these things.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with this experiment?

The idea of The Tour is to promote interaction between people and tackle prejudiceness, to encourage students to view and treat other people, regardless of nationality or background, as equals.

The Tour integrates into subjects and can be implemented in singular lessons such as religion, social sciences, ethics or language lessons as part of phenomenon-based learning. The Tour is scalable for all K-12 grades.

What are the concrete steps of the experiment?

In the lessons students will learn the stories of asylum seekers and understand the importance of making a difference and volunteering. Classes will discuss racism, attitudes in society and how every individual can impact the issue. Encounters - the Tour is an interactive, multimedia entirety. It consists of three parts:

  1. An assignment received by the class beforehand.

  2. An encounter (seventy-five minutes long) - the story by the asylum seeker aided by an active member of Refuhome registered association.

  3. A post-assignment that will be done by the students and teacher in the following lesson.

The Tour contains video content, speech, photographs, discussion and an activity.

How will the experiment proceed in the spring of 2017?

The Tour will be piloted and conceptualized in the spring so that it can be replicated from the fall of 2017.

How will the experiment change the way we educate?

The Tour is based on the core values of the national core curriculum. It promotes equality and social justice and is aligned with the goals of the curriculums broad-band competencies, especially cultural competency, interaction and self-expression in schools. Encounters is an excellent example of how schools can reinforce teaching with the aid of agents from outside of school and bring insight through experience-based learning, something traditional lessons are incapable of.

Potential partnerships / schools:

Schools in the Capital area.

The tour will begin in Nikkilä on January 16th 2017 and proceed to Kalajärvi January 23rd.

Contact Information

Organization: Refuhome ry

Contact person: Inari Fernandez

Contact email: inari.fernandez@gmail.com

Helsinki Finland
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