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EMMA – Empowering Math

EMMA Math is a method in which the student’s perception and attitude are developed to realise that math is a subject that can be considered from many points of view and that there may be many solutions to a problem. EMMA Math combines math with learning social skills.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve in this experiment?

Our goal is to start boosting the child’s perception of the subject as one with several solutions to a problem and many points of view when the child is young.

We intend to improve the experiences students have in learning math, for them to feel dignified by collaborating in finding answers, but to also gain understanding of what numerals are and the endless possibilities of working with numbers despite the student’s knowledge level in the beginning. We want to increase the sense of being in control of your own learning and feeling capable and curious to learn more.

Also, we aim for children to become more aware of their concept of numbers. They can count by enumerating or by grouping. The goal here is to gain understanding.

What are the concrete steps of the experiment?

In this experiment we are developing a new approach to teaching math and supporting the learning in preschool and primary years. Children will become acquainted with numbers and understand the phenomena through discovery learning by using the new material provided, the EMMA number blocks, that encourage to discuss and consider the possibilities.

In this approach students must discuss and collaborate in finding answers that suit the problem. They will learn to use numbers in numerous ways and rationalize rather than just count. The interaction between the teacher and the students whilst increasing their understanding is at the center of the learning.

How will the experiment proceed in the spring of 2017?

The experiment will develop a program that will increase students’ understanding of numeracy. The program will be developed with elementary school classes. The material will be trialled with children during the lessons as well as during individual lessons and eventually made into a mobile environment. The experiment is continuing the work of the University of Tampere Solmu - project (2011-2013) and LUMA Finland development program for STEM (2014-2016).

How will this experiment change the way we educate?

This experiment will change the way we educate as follows:

1. Boost the appreciation for thinking skills, e.g. from having one answer per equation to finding multiple answers.

2. Both calculating alone and collaboratively working together to figure out the answers.

3. Effectively seeking and providing learning support to those in need in early stages of education. For instance, encouraging and instructing teachers to assess in ways that supports the learning.

4. Positive and authentic experiences of success for all students.

For more information about the EMMA Math method: www.emmamath.com.

Potential partnerships / schools:

Mankkaanpuro Elementary School and potentially other Finnish schools as well.

Foreign partnerships will be announced later.

Contact Information

Contact person: Ville Lintervo

Contact email: ville.lintervo@emmamath.com