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Education Cities

The primary mission of Education Cities is to develop the art of collaboration – turning the city into one big school.

What is the need?

Schools are often seen as separate entities from their environments, like micro-communities. However, schools are filled with people who belong to their communities but currently have very little impact in shaping them.

On the flip side, towns and cities are filled with valuable resources that can enhance and promote real-world learning - something that employers lament the lack of when looking to hire people fresh out of school. 

How does this innovation address it?

Education Cities believe that schools have a lot to learn from their cities, and cities have a lot to learn from their schools. The driving force behind the initiative is to develop the art of collaboration – in the classroom, at school, in the city, in the country and around the world.

In order to support a child’s quest for learning, Education Cities facilitates the transformation of the city as a whole into a school. Every enterprise, whether a theater or a soccer team, and every available resource in a child’s city can serve as a fertile ground for his/her learning.

In return, the city itself benefits by contributing to a generation of students who are actively involved and invested in their communities. A city successful in linking its strength and growth areas with that of its students, and population as a whole, will produce strategic and exceptionally meaningful relationships in its community.

Good to know:

  • Education Cities was founded by Yaacov Hecht, who also founded the Democratic Education movement. 

  • Founded in Israel, it has transformed 11 areas into 'education cities' - Bat-Yam, Hadera, Jerusalem, Netanya, Golan Region, Galil Elyon Region, Galil Tachton Region, Emek Hama'ayanot Region, Menashe, Sha'ar HaNegev Region and Tamar Region.


Contact Information

Organization: Education Cities

Website: education-cities.com