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Different Learning Environments – A Collection

New physical and digital learning environments are changing the way schools operate. How will these changes be implemented? Oppimaisema.fi is an online platform that supports the development and trialing of new spaces and technology for learning. Videos and photos of innovative learning environments can be uploaded onto the platform, which is full of informative content on how to implement these changes in terms of building new schools or altering old institutions. HundrED and Oppimaisema.fi are collaborating to share successful, creative and interesting solutions to learning environments from all around Finland.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with the experiment?

New learning environments have an important role in defining how learning takes place. Various studies have indicated that learning environments have a huge impact on supporting teacher and student wellbeing as well as on school operational cultures.

The goal of this experiment is to encourage schools to foster an experimental culture and to help them present the choices they have made in their schools. Our objective is to find, share and distribute new learning environment solutions to schools and build an innovative concept through which schools can find concrete practices and models that they can implement in their own school culture.

What is Oppimaisema.fi?

Oppimaisema.fi is a permanent service that is currently being developed and supported by funding from the Finnish National Board of Education. In this experiment our goal is to introduce and activate discussion on the importance of learning environments in schools. We want to help architects understand how different kinds of spaces stimulate learning, we want to recognize complications that might arise when building new schools and we strive to promote the importance of carefully planning out a unity between all learning environments in a school.

What does the word 'oppimaisema' mean?

Oppimaisema (A Collection of Learning Environments) as a term encompasses all of the spaces in which learning, studying and teaching takes place. The term also refers to all of the the technology that is used to accomplish this goal. This is why the Oppimaisema.fi online platform presents innovative learning accomplishments, expert interviews and new technologies that can help in teaching and learning.

Describe why you feel it is meaningful to be a part of HundrED.

It feels great to be a part of HundrED - we can help develop and improve the skills that students need to embrace the future. In this experiment our goal is to try and improve students’ and teachers’ school satisfaction. The Oppimaisema.fi service wants to excite and inspire schools to blog, take videos and photos of small projects that might one day become Finland’s greatest innovations.

Contact Information

Organization: Oppimaisema.fi

School(s): Open to all.

Contact person: Markku Lang

Website: oppimaisema.fi

Oulu Finland