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Different Kind of Mathematics

Maarit Rossi, Global Teacher Prize nominee, combines project-based learning, functionality and student-centered learning in her math lessons. She helps her students see math as a fun, meaningful and challenging subject. During Rossi's math lessons students solve problems, develop their reasoning skills, work in small teams and learn through trial and error. In this HundrED experiment schools from the Kirkkonummi municipality will be trialing new ways of studying math with the goal of creating functional practices that can be adapted and used anywhere around the world.

What kind of change do you hope to see with this experiment?

With this experiment we want to create different kinds of math workshops for teachers and new kinds of learning environments for students. The aim is to promote a positive attitude towards math, to change the way students feel about the subject and to observe this change in their mindsets.

What inspired you to create these new methods?

The new math curriculum suggests that a significant change in teaching methods must happen. Teacher-centered teaching must change to student-centered learning and we need to create new methods to aid in this process.

How will the experiment be scheduled and how will it be put into practice?

Maarit Rossi will be personally training the teachers of three schools in the Veikkola, Masala and Kirkkonummi area. The training will begin in Fall 2016.

Contact Information

Organization: The Municipality of Kirkkonummi

School(s): Schools from the Kirkkonummi municipality: detailed information of participating schools will be announced later.

Contact person: Maarit Rossi

Partnership(s): Paths to Math Ltd.



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