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Building Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness

This experiment intends to help young people find their own voice, build their self-esteem and their self-awareness through the books of Finnish writer Jenni Pääskysaari, author of 'Tyttö sinä olet...' ('Girl You Are...') and 'Poika sinä olet...' ('Boy You Are...'). The goal is to create a set of holistic education materials in partnership with pedagogical experts in the Fall of 2016 and test them in one school during Spring 2017. The educational material will be designed in a way that will be easily replicable in all Finnish schools.

What is the goal of the experiment?

The goal of the experiment is to produce interesting, multimedia learning material from the books involved and integrate them into school subjects. 

The main themes in the book are:

  • Self awareness (recognizing one's strenghts)

  • Gender sensitivity / Dismantling gender stereotype boundaries

  • The super power of encouraging words and deeds in everyday life

  • Empathy abilities

  • Attitude towards life

Is this a new experiment or is this based on an existing one?

Both books already exist, but turning them into learning material is the new aspect here.

How will the experiment be scheduled and how will it be put into practice?

The planning and production of the learning material will begin in the Spring and Summer of 2016. The material will be trialed in Finnish schools in late Fall 2016 and the beginning of 2017.

Schools involved

Will be announced later.


Will be announced later.

Contact Information

Organization: HundrED

School(s): Will be announced later.