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A leadership tool for creating open communities in schools

This experiment will be developing an online tool to help schools create a collaborative leadership culture. The tool will assist in the development, planning and decision making of the school. The tool will benefit the school community by clarifying the work of the principal and by promoting shared responsibility of developing the school.

What are the goals you are looking to achieve with this experiment?

The tool will increase interaction and open dialogue in the school’s professional community. The goal is to clarify and moderate the leadership role of the principal and participate all members of the faculty in the school development work.

Explain the concrete steps of the experiment.

The experiment will be developing an online tool to trial and to be used as part of the daily life of schools.

How will the experiment proceed in the spring of 2017?

The experiment will be trialling the tool. The tool is a platform we have created using the OneNote program. Some of the people involved in the experiment have been trained to use the tool. Our aim is to train all faculty members to use the tool and to make it operational in our schools. In the spring we will be evaluating the process and assessing the immediate influences the tool has had on the daily life in the schools.

How will the experiment change the way we educate?

The experiment will build an open community in schools, one that encourages members of staff to take responsibility for different tasks in developing the school, and through which the leadership role of the principal becomes more manageable.


Potential partnerships / schools:

Jyväskylä K-9 Schools

Contact Information

School(s): Kilpinen Comprehensive School

Contact person: Johnny Kotro, Sari Granroth-Nalkki

Contact email: johnny.kotro@jkl.fi, sari.granroth-nalkki@jkl.fi

Jyväskylä Finland


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