Shinaz Navas

Shinaz Navas

London, United Kingdom


Management Consultant within Deloitte’s Global Education practice & author of the Exploring Education’s Potential series. Passionate about all things #Education

About me

As a Management Consultant within the Global Education practice at Deloitte, I specialise in using innovation to assist educational institutions in solving their most pressing challenges. This experience has enabled me to not just learn about the disruptors that are driving the necessary education reform around the world, but also to directly contribute in developing the solutions that will empower students to realise their full potential through Education. For example at one Russell Group University, I worked with their leadership team to devise world-leading recommendations including the use of learner analytics, natural language processing algorithms and virtual reality tools to ultimately deliver the best possible experience for their students. On another project, I worked with the EdTech start-up Proversity, to create the e-learning modules which has since enabled Headteachers across 84 schools and academies to successfully implement their school improvement plans.

As a result of working with these leading innovators and thought leaders, I was inspired to start my own series of articles titled: Exploring Education's Potential. The purpose of this series is to share the stories of organisations and initiatives that are successfully disrupting the current model of Education, to offer opportunities for students beyond what is typically available through traditional schooling. Through this series I've been able to learn from and connect with Education leaders including the CEOs of Up Learn, Think Smart and Voice 21.

From my experience as a Consultant, I've worked closely with senior leaders across schools, universities and government bodies in the UK. Through my series and wider work around Education, I've built relationships with the start-up co-founders, venture capitalists and thought leaders that are driving innovation in the Education space. As a HundrED ambassador, I hope to use this network to share and scale innovations, while also identifying new innovations to grow the reach and impact of HundrED.