Mark Van Ryzin

Mark Van Ryzin

Eugene, United States

I am an educational researcher at Oregon Research Institute (ORI) in Eugene, Oregon. My mother, who is a teacher, inspired in me a passion for improving teaching and learning at all levels of the educational system. My area of greatest interest, however, is the link between relationships and learning in middle and high school.

My name is Mark Van Ryzin and I am an educational researcher in Eugene, Oregon. I have been working with middle and high school teachers for the last several years to study peer learning. My goal is to make peer learning easier for teachers to use, enabling them to deliver peer learning lessons more often and with less time and effort.

How can education support students to flourish? helps teachers to deliver high-quality peer learning lessons with less time and effort, which can enhance their engagement and achievement, build more positive peer relations, reduce bullying, victimization, and alcohol/tobacco use, and promote prosocial behavior and social-emotional skill development.

What role does innovation play in education change?

I hope that can promote the universal adoption of group-based peer learning activities and bring about a global improvement in school climate, greater equity in educational opportunity, and widespread improvements in adolescent health.