Jim Baker

Jim Baker

Lincoln, United Kingdom

A Maverick - Pioneer of Flipped Learning and Cloud Computing 2018 - Member of International United Educationists Fraternity (IUEF) 2017 - Training Educationalists World-Wide on ‘Flipped Learning’ and ‘Cloud Computing’ 2016 - Board Member of ViWeD (Virtual World Education) 2016 - Freelance Consultant with Real World Education Group Ltd. 2016 - Educational Consultant to Ekin Knowledge 2015 - Digital Champion Volunteer 2015 - Contributory Author of ‘Teaching Secondary Science’ (Fourth Edition) 2014 - Consultant to Highgate Private School, Cyprus 2014 - Educational Consultant to Angel Digital 2013 - Member of GAB (Global Advisory Board) for NGGE (Next Generation Global Education) 2013 - Chemistry Expert for The Chemistry Journey Project for The Virtual School Initiative 2012- GTN Teacher Adviser 2012-2013: Freelance educational consultant with EM Direct on their Graduate Teacher Programme 2011- : Teaching AS/A2 Chemistry at SSPP 2010 - : Freelance educational consultant with EM Direct on their SKE programme. 2009 - 2011: An associate with LSN on their 'Starting Out Programme'​ 2007 - Awarded a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' 1997 - Reached the final 13 in the Salter's “Chemistry Teacher of the Year” award 1974 - 2008: Chemistry teacher at Lincoln Christ's Hospital School. 1970 - 1974: Science Master, Lincoln School Specialties: Pioneer of Flipped Learning Repairing the nonsense many call education Providing resources for teachers and students. Maximising students'​ learning. Advising fellow teachers on 'what really works'. Presentations: The Way Forward: Flipped Learning : Articles: 1) The Flipped Classroom – Cyprus Mail - 2) The way forward: Changing how we teach our students - 3) Using the cloud to make learning fun - 4) Teaching chemistry is my career and my hobby - 5) How to Enthuse the Unenthusiastic Pupil - and 6) Flipping the Modern Classroom - Podcasts Guestbook Comments