Imran  Azhar

Imran Azhar

25+ yrs. hospitality experience in Europe, Africa, Middle East & Indian Ocean. Creator of comic book series; Team Muhafiz, Winds of Baltoro, Mein Hero, Qahermaan & Co-creator of Basila & the Street Crew and Sheeba & the Private Detectives.

Mein Hero (I Am a Hero)
Mein Hero is an interactive class based art program, where participants, through teacher facilitation, and a designed activity book create their own heroes with positive values, identify grass-roots c
Sheeba and the Private Detectives (SPD)
SPD is a series of 36 comic issues featuring six friends (three girls, one boy, a dog and a donkey) that travel across Pakistan in search of mysteries. The content appropriate for ages 7-13 and is an