Expii Inc.

Expii Inc.

Pittsburgh, United States

Expii wants you to learn like you. We know you are unique, we don’t put you in a box, we don’t tell you how you should learn. We give you endless styles and voices so you can find the one that works for you. Through videos, illustrations, text, lectures, we never limit the form of a lesson. Ready to start practicing? You can use our unique algorithm to provide you with the right challenges at the right times as you go down your personal path to understanding. Have something to teach? We would love to see it. Expii’s community is excited to hear from new voices who redefine teaching.

About me

Expii Inc was established in 2014. We love learning. We know everyone can love learning if you relate it to your unique interests. Expii is the free platform that embraces what makes us all individuals: our voices, experiences, and cultures. Through creative, fun, practical, and personal lessons you can have your own aha moment. No matter what your learning style, Expii has something for you.

Experiment. Mess up. Try again. The journey is yours.