Beth Stevens

Beth Stevens

Riverview, Canada

H I'm from Riverview New Brunswick Canada! I'm in grade 9, I became a Youth Ambassador because I want everyone to know that there learning can change the world.

My name is Beth Stevens. I'm in grade 9. I enjoy playing sports such as Volleyball and Field Hockey, I also love hiking kayaking and being outdoors.  I love working with kids and I work at a camp in the summertime! I also discovered a new love for soldering, 3d printing and public speaking through a school program called Engineering Brightness. At Engineering Brightness we design and assemble lights so that students in 3rd world countries have a clean light source to do their homework with. This year we even had the opportunity to go to New York for the World Maker Faire. I also love competing in STEM fairs and placed 2nd province wide at the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. 
Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

When I was in grade 7 my teacher told our class that we had to do the STEM project again, the class was not excited. Neither was I at the start, but then I heard about Ellen Watters. Ellen Watters was a professional cyclist from Sussex NB. In the December of 2016 Ellen Was home celebrating the holidays with her family. She went out for a training run and sadly a car did not see her and she was hit by the car and died. Because of Ellen and many other cyclist there is now a law in New Brunswick that states that drivers must give cyclist 1 meter clearance on the road (Ellen's Law). When we heard this story on the radio my mom replied "If I'm driving it would be hard to tell how long 1 meter is". Than I had the idea to create a light that gives drivers a visual to how much room they need to give cyclist. I thought this would be a good idea for my STEM project. After I had this idea I wasn't just doing this project to get a good grade. Suddenly my learning felt  more meaningful. Suddenly my project could affect more than a grade on paper. This project then led me to many other opportunities such as meeting Mr.Fogarty joining Engineering Brightness and going to to NYC. I want to be apart of the HundrED community because I believe ever single student should have the same feeling that I did with my Bike Light. I want every student to know that projects can mean more than a grade, and that they regardless of their skill level can change the world.


How can education support students to flourish?

One way I think Education can support students is teaching them problem solving skills. Every single person on this planet will experience failure, and every single person will run into barriers that they have to overcome. School should teach kids that "when the going gets tough the tough gets going" not "when the going gets tough I'll ask my teacher and they'll do it for me". This is a life lesson that everyone should know. If Education teaches these skills I believe we would have a generation of hard workers and innovators.