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Teacher Leadership in the Aftermath of the Pandemic: The Now, The Dance, The Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed gross inequities in public education systems, and the power of teacher networks and leadership from, by, and for teachers. In this article authors, Barnett Barry, Armand Doucet and Ben Owens introduce their recommendations for three waves of action – Teacher Leadership in the Aftermath of the Pandemic: The Now, The Dance, and The Transformation.
Our Spotlight on Visual Arts Closes with Innovations from Every Continent
The submission period for our Spotlight on Visual Arts in Education closed last Friday, May, 15th, with submissions from over 30 countries, with representatives from every continent. This Spotlight pa
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How Young Changemakers in Brazil are Taking the Future into Their Own Hands
Alice Machado, a HundrED Youth Ambassador from Brazil, shares how a group of young Brazilian changemakers was able to reduce inequalities in their city by joining forces with political representatives
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Creativity at Home: A Guide for Parents and Carers
Having children at home raises many questions about how to best continue their education. In this article, we share some tips for fun activities to do at home.
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It’s time for us adults to take children’s perspectives seriously
Professor of early childhood education calls for empathy and playful learning for children. Finnish company HEI Schools responds with an e-learning platform for parents of young children.
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How to Provide Quality Education for All During Crises: 10 Concrete Steps
It is fair to say that no one was prepared to reorganise education at scale during the COVID-19 crisis. What could countries have done differently? What have we learned? And how can we be better prepa

Discover The 100 Inspiring Innovations Of 2019

Our 100 Inspiring Innovations of 2019 have been released! Explore the world's most exciting innovations, spanning the entire landscape of education, and be inspired to improve education where you are.
What Does This Year's 100 Inspiring Innovations Tell Us About Education Globally?
We chat to the HundrED researchers to discover what this year's research process reveals about the state of education around the world and to gain their valuable insights.
Our 100 Inspiring Innovations Of 2019 Have Been Announced!
This year's collection of 100 inspiring innovations in education have been released! Find all 100, for free, on our platform and discover the world's leading education innovations.
Helsinki Education Week & The HundrED Summit: A Reflection
Joe Pucci is on a year-long mission to investigate culture, character, and wellness in learning environments around the world. So far his travels have taken him to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Helsink

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