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Promoting Good Mental Health and Wellbeing

Schools can play a vital role in establishing healthy mental habits and promoting wellbeing. From having highly trained staff on site to adopting new technologies and alternative practices in the classroom, there are all kinds of tools we can use to equip our young people so that they can face their futures (and the present) confidently.

Current news

Youth Initiative In Macedonia Gets Young People Active In Education Change
52% of students want more opportunities to voice their opinion on education. Pegasus English Language School in Macedonia is giving young people a platform to ...
Can We Design Our Schools To Inspire Joy And Increase Learning?
Could the schools we’re constructing for our young people be limiting their joy? It certainly seems so. We explore the design principles behind joy and how to design better enviro...
Colombian Communities Find Answers To Life’s Big Questions With The Help Of SOLE
Self Organized Learning Environments pose big questions to stir students' curiosity and spark deep learning. But could SOLEs also help communities po...
How Can We Make Sure Every Child Flourishes? Our Research Report On Improving Education Has Been Published!
Our research report ‘Every Child To Flourish’, which investigates global perspectives on improving educat...
Lissette Rojas: What Makes You Dance? Follow It And You Will Succeed
Lissette Rojas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Trix & Trax, a platform that discovers and develops talent through live events and social media, helping children to develop ...
Sign Up Now For A Thematic Talk On Inclusion With The HundrED Community
An idea born from our burgeoning community, Thematic Talks are online discussions led by our Ambassadors on selected themes aligned to our research goals. The talk fo...
Meet the HundrED Team: Natalie Day, Researcher, HundrED
Get to know Natalie Day, Researcher at HundrED
Want To Reimagine Education? Look To The Horizon
Horizon 2020 Schools in Spain reimagine education with a whole school approach that's student-centered, community-driven, and future-focused.
Social Media Could Stop Kids From Getting Into College, We Need To Teach Them How To Act Online
Both admissions staff and students believe that social media profiles are 'fair game' when it comes to assessing a student fo...
Missed HundrED's First Thematic Talk? Catch It Here.
Last week a group of inspiring educators and innovators joined a group call on the theme of sustainability in education – a brilliant start to what will be a series of monthly talks covering a bro...
This Week's Episode of The Edtech Podcast Features HundrED Founder Saku Tuominen
This week’s episode of The Edtech Podcast features three conversations on Edtech and innovation from across Norway, Sweden, and Finland - including our...