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Promoting Good Mental Health and Wellbeing

Schools can play a vital role in establishing healthy mental habits and promoting wellbeing. From having highly trained staff on site to adopting new technologies and alternative practices in the classroom, there are all kinds of tools we can use to equip our young people so that they can face their futures (and the present) confidently.

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HundrED & Muse School Ready To Shine A Spotlight On Sustainability In Education
We're gearing up to celebrate the incredible things happening in sustainability in education. At the upcoming Sustainability Summit in Calabasas, Calif...
WEB-nesday Featuring HundrED Ambassador Julie Stern
Our next HundrED webinar features HundrED Ambassador, Julie Stern. Join us via Facebook Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 15:00 (UTC)
Sign Up For September's Thematic Talk On The 6 Cs In Education
Don't miss this month's interactive online webinar exploring holistic teaching and training using the 6 Cs.
Got Your Tickets For Educhange Festival? Be There When We Reveal HundrED Spotlight Innovations!
HundrED with their local partners Education Changemakers and the Atlassian Foundation have identified ten inspiring education...
Students Want Better Relationships With Their Teachers, This Is Why That Matters
Nearly half of students want better relationships with their teachers, as revealed by HundrED's Global Youth Survey. We explore how powerful the studen...
Meixi Discusses The Power Of Self-Directed Learning
Meixi of Redes de Tutoria explains how self-directed learning impacts the young people she works with, and shares her hopes for the future of education.
Children and Adolescents Have a Right to be Heard
There is no shortage of international laws covering children and adolescents' rights, which, among other provisions, stress the importance of educating children on their rights. However, children very ra...
Want To Improve Your Learning Environments? Here's Our Favorites From Around The World...
61% of students want better learning environments. We've gathered together some of our favourite environments from around the world (so...
Looking At The Big Picture: The Role Of Parents In Student-Centered Learning
Innovative schools like Big Picture Learning recognize that putting students at the center of their learning means engaging their families, too. Find out ho...
What Do Kids Think About School? The Answers Might Surprise You...
What do kids think about school? It's a simple question but one that is rarely asked. We thought it's about time someone changed that... so we did!
How Finnish Innovators Are Making Bold Changes To School Culture
Finland has been synonymous with outstanding education, but even the best education systems in the world will be left behind if they don’t continue to innovate and evolve. Luck...