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HundrED's 100 Inspiring Innovations in Education Launching October 4th
We're excited to announce that on October 4th our first annual list of 100 Global Inspiring Innovations in Education 2017 will be published. Our launch event in Helsinki will be taking place from 4th-6th of October, r...
The Role Of Leadership In Education Needs To Change, It's Time To Stop Following The Leader...
Everyone has different ideas about the role leadership should play in education, but most can agree that the idea of top down control, with leaders and followers, is somewhat outdated. Just as teachers are becoming fa...
Blueprints for Success
Imagine a world without stressful rote-learning exams... it seems like a fantasy but in this school they've found a more holistic way to assess students. Welcome to MUSE School and their BLUEPRINTS approach!
Is The Devaluation Of The Arts Responsible For The Rise Of Fake News?
The next generation will need to be critical thinkers in order to debunk the huge amounts of fake content they're bombarded with online and through traditional media outlets. However, everyone is focusing on STEM, not...
Growing Young Minds: 3 Innovations Bringing Nature Into Education
Contemporary learning environments aren’t just focused on the latest iPad or how to utilize virtual reality for learning, they’re actually increasingly nature orientated too. Here are three innovations showing how to ...
Want To Be A VR Or AR Superstar? Here’s Our Top Tips To Create The Perfect Product For Education.
Want to create an amazing VR or AR experience for schools? Here's our top tips on how to create the best product possible.
Why It's Time To Get Rid Of Attendance Rewards
Attempts to combat poor attendance have included rewards and prizes ranging from a certificate to a Chevrolet! However, for many children full attendance is a luxury they can’t afford. Maybe it's time we rethink the a...
Are We Ready For Boys In Skirts?
Progressive schools are updating their school uniform policies to allow boys to wear skirts and girls to wear trousers. We explore how the skirt is becoming the new symbol of gender imbalances in education.
The New Learning Environments You Need to Know About
Alternative learning environments are popping up all over the globe, rebelling against the traditional classroom. Here are some of our favourites so far...
Why We Shouldn't Say Au Revoir To Languages
There is a huge divide between those who learn languages and those who don't. Languages can help students stand out in a competitive job market - so let's innovate language classes to get young people learning these i...
Opportunity to Partner with a Finnish School!
We're looking for a school (or classes) to partner with a Finnish school. Together you'd work on exciting projects and students will learn how to collaborate and communicate internationally.