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Meet The UN's Latest Education and Learning Award Winner
The UN's Education and Learning Award Winner of 2017 also happens to be one of our 100 Inspiring Innovations! Come and meet them and find out how they're combining the newest technologies with age-old storytelling to ...
HundrED 2017 Global List of Inspiring Innovations
HundrED was born from the notion that in a world becoming increasingly connected and global, schools can still be very local and isolated in their practices. To address this, a team of in-house researchers investigate...
HundrED’s Innovation Summit Celebrates 100 Ways To Transform Global Education
Unveiling of the debut list of the “100 Global Inspiring Innovations” and showcase taking place on October 4th - October 6th in Helsinki.
How Is The Australia Spotlight Going To Work?
Want to know more about HundrED's first global Spotlight in Victoria, Australia? We detail how it works and how you can get involved!
HundrED's First Global Spotlight Will Be In Australia!
HundrED Spotlight is where we take a hands-on approach to innovating education in a certain geographical area or an area of expertise. We’ll be following a small selection of projects and helping to develop and scale ...
HundrED's 100 Inspiring Innovations in Education Launching October 4th
We're excited to announce that on October 4th our first annual list of 100 Global Inspiring Innovations in Education 2017 will be published. Our launch event in Helsinki will be taking place from 4th-6th of October, r...
Opportunity to Partner with a Finnish School!
We're looking for a school (or classes) to partner with a Finnish school. Together you'd work on exciting projects and students will learn how to collaborate and communicate internationally.
The Final 25 Finnish Projects Have Been Announced!
We are conducting an ambitious trialling of 100 Finnish projects in schools across Finland. Over the course of the next year, the final twenty-five projects will be practiced in schools and developed and documented al...
Nokia and Supercell Announced as HundrED’s Global Main Partners
As HundrED’s main global partners, Nokia and Supercell will support exploring powerful educational practices from all over the world, and help them spread to schools and teachers everywhere.
We're On The Hunt For Global Innovations In Education, Here's The First Nine!
In the keynote session at Bett Arena, Saku Tuominen and Kate Robinson addressed the major need for educational innovations. Often new initiatives that help schools change and improve are kept very local, HundrED wants...
Come and hear us at Bett 2017!
We’re speaking at the world’s largest education event - Bett London. We’ll be on stage in the Bett Arena from 12:30pm - 1:05pm on Wednesday January 25th, and we’re making a pretty exciting, exclusive announcement.