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We've never been as connected as we are today, with new technologies making it easier than ever to collaborate together and learn from each other. This month, learn how to travel the world (and solve global issues) without leaving the classroom!

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Want Kids To Be Happy? Teach Them How To Communicate
Dutch teenagers have been found to be the happiest students in the world once again. What can we learn from them and the longest study into human happiness, in order to help our young people live ha...
Want To Banish Cell Phones From Class? Read This First
Yes, cell phones can be a distraction. But internet-enabled devices can also open up a whole world of learning experiences that previous generations could only dream of.
'Parents Really Matter' – How To Engage Parents In Education & Why You Should
Children growing up in poverty are already a year behind their wealthier counterparts by the age of three. However, there are still children who manage to o...
Students Are Voicing Their Opinions, But Is The World Listening?
We hear from Jordy Angel Coldwell about the importance of student voice in education, and Jessica Spencer-Keyse shares insights from HundrED's latest research, which includes r...
There's A Growing Educational Gap Between Rural And Urban Areas, Connectivity Could Help Solve It
It’s predicted that by 2030, two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities, with only one third living in more ...
Positive Pick-Me-Up: These Schools Show Meaningful Innovation Can Be Built From The Ground Up
Innovation isn't all about the latest technology or flashy gadget. Find out how Escuela Nueva schools in Colombia bring quality...
Can We Design Our Schools To Inspire Joy And Increase Learning?
Could the schools we’re constructing for our young people be limiting their joy? It certainly seems so. We explore the design principles behind joy and how to design better enviro...
Colombian Communities Find Answers To Life’s Big Questions With The Help Of SOLE
Self Organized Learning Environments pose big questions to stir students' curiosity and spark deep learning. But could SOLEs also help communities po...
Want To Reimagine Education? Look To The Horizon
Horizon 2020 Schools in Spain reimagine education with a whole school approach that's student-centered, community-driven, and future-focused.
Social Media Could Stop Kids From Getting Into College, We Need To Teach Them How To Act Online
Both admissions staff and students believe that social media profiles are 'fair game' when it comes to assessing a student fo...
Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With PenPal Schools
PenPal Schools connect learners around the world to collaborate on exciting, authentic projects on global issues. Sound good? Follow these 7 simple steps to get started!