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Discover The 100 Inspiring Innovations Of 2019

Our 100 Inspiring Innovations of 2019 have been released! Explore the world's most exciting innovations, spanning the entire landscape of education, and be inspired to improve education where you are.

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What Does This Year's 100 Inspiring Innovations Tell Us About Education Globally?
We chat to the HundrED researchers to discover what this year's research process reveals about the state of education around the world and to gain th...
HundrED Class of 2018: What Happens When A Traveling High School Alters Its Course?
"The perception of our school typically revolves around where we are located, but in our eyes, it’s what we do in country that truly counts." Le...
World Mental Health Day: What Does It Mean To Flourish In School?
For World Mental Health Day, Jessica Spencer-Keyse, Head of Global Research at HundrED, reflects on what the research shows about mental health and wellbeing in school – and ...
HundrED Class of 2018: Assessment Becomes Socio-Emotional Friendly At MUSE School
We catch up with our 100 selected innovations of 2018 to see what they've been up to over the last year. Find out how MUSE School are updating their ...
Teacher Testimonials: Tips On How To Create A Creative & Connected Curriculum
Want to know how to create a curriculum that helps kids build 6C skills whilst also making sure they get the exam results they need to succeed? We spoke to ...
How Can We Create Global Citizens Whilst Protecting Local Cultures?
Helping students to become global citizens is important for today’s world, but how do we create global citizens whilst still protecting local cultures? We take a look at ho...
Students Want Better Relationships With Their Teachers, This Is Why That Matters
Nearly half of students want better relationships with their teachers, as revealed by HundrED's Global Youth Survey. We explore how powerful the studen...
Children and Adolescents Have a Right to be Heard
There is no shortage of international laws covering children and adolescents' rights, which, among other provisions, stress the importance of educating children on their rights. However, children very ra...
Want To Improve Your Learning Environments? Here's Our Favorites From Around The World...
61% of students want better learning environments. We've gathered together some of our favourite environments from around the world (so...
Looking At The Big Picture: The Role Of Parents In Student-Centered Learning
Innovative schools like Big Picture Learning recognize that putting students at the center of their learning means engaging their families, too. Find out ho...
What Do Kids Think About School? The Answers Might Surprise You...
What do kids think about school? It's a simple question but one that is rarely asked. We thought it's about time someone changed that... so we did!