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Opportunity to Partner with a Finnish School!

Fancy Partnering with a Finnish School?

Would you like your students to learn about what it’s like to grow up in Finland? Does collaborating with a Finnish school on different projects sound exciting? Then we have an opportunity for you!

We’re trialling the Toholampi-project in schools across Finland. The project connects Finnish schools with international schools so that students on both sides are exposed to international topics such as communication and globalization.

Want to be involved?

One of the schools in the project is looking for a partner school (or classes). The school in Finland is a very small elementary school with only two classes, one class aged 7-8 years old, the other 9-12 years old. The children in the school are native Finnish speakers but are studying English so have a good command of the English language.

The school is particularly looking for a partner that would be interested in completing projects on the themes of ‘sustainable futures’ and ‘every-day life’.

The benefits of being involved in the project include:

  • Students become aware of their own society and position in the world, and get to learn about another culture.

  • Your school will be ahead of the curve, introducing students to the concepts of globalization and internationality at an early age.

  • Students will get to complete projects with their partner school, learning how to collaborate and communicate internationally.

You can find out more about the project here. To find out if you’d be a good fit for the school or if you’d like more information, please email our Education Specialist Ada Kukkonen on ada.kukkonen@hundred.org


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